House Salad mixed greens with homemade ginger dressing 5
Wakame Salad seaweed salad and sixed green with soy vinegar dressing 5
Sashimi salad mixed Greens topped with fresh tuna, salmon, tako, ebi and ikura in wasabi yuzu vinegar Dressing 9.95
Kani Sunomono cucumber salad, crab meat, crab stick and seaweed with clear vinegar dressing 6
Cucumber Salad cucumber, red onion and carrot with clear vinegar dressing 4.5
Spinach salad (Goma Ae) steamed baby spinach with japanese sesame dressing 5
Larb Chicken Lettuce Wrap spicy minced chicken, spring onion, grounded toasted rice & ground chili served in fresh lettuce 8.5
Soft shell crab salad crispy soft-shell crab, mixed greens, granny smith apple, onions, cashew nuts and spicy lime dressing 10.95